Orla McElroy

Another Success For The Counter Fraud Team At McKinty and Wright

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We secured the dismiss of a fraudulent claim at Newtownards County Court on 14/09/2018. The Plaintiff was involved in a low-speed impact in July 2016 as a result of which he claimed he had been unable to work since due to back pain.   We were able to introduce evidence of the very low speed of impact and evidence that the Plaintiff had actually hurt his back months before playing football. The Judge ruled he was not satisfied that the Plaintiff was credible (the Plaintiff could offer no explanation for why he told his medical expert, that he was “free from physical complaint prior to the subject accident”  and then admitted under cross-examination that he had sustained a back injury playing football a few months before the accident and had ongoing back pain at the time of the motor accident. Not only did we secure a dismiss of the claim but our client was awarded costs as well.  

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Louise Butler
8 months ago by Louise Butler
Claims of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, political opinion and religious belief were brought against the owners of the bakery because they refused to sell Mr Lee, a gay customer, a cake with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage.” The County Court and Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland found against the bakery and held that Mr Lee had been discriminated against. Today however five Justices of the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Mr and Mrs McArthur, the owners of the bakery, did not discriminate against him. The Court held that the bakers did not refuse the order because of the sexual orientation of the customer,  rather they refused the order because of the message on the cake:  “they would have refused to make such a cake for any customer, irrespective ...

Aisling Mellon
8 months ago by Aisling Mellon
A driver and passenger made personal injury claims as a result of a rear-end collision in 2016. Acting on behalf of the Defendant vehicle’s insurer,  our investigations uncovered a plethora of issues with the veracity of the accident circumstances.  At the conclusion of the cases, Judge Giplin described the Defendant’s evidence as “sufficient cogent evidence” leading him to conclude that the accident was “fraudulently staged”.  Orders were made against both Plaintiffs to pay the insurer’s costs.