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Chambers UK 2018 Guide to the legal profession published

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We want to say a big thank you to all our clients and colleagues in the profession who took the time to speak to Chambers researchers about the work we do - McKinty and Wright continues to be acknowledged by Chambers as a Top Ranked Firm in Northern Ireland, listed across three practice areas: - Litigation, Professional Negligence and Personal Injury: Mainly Defendant, ranking Band 1 again this year for the latter.

Leading individuals identified by Chambers’ researchers include Lester Doake, Sean McGahan, Kevin O’Hagan and Aisling Mellon, with Louise Butler profiled as a Recognised Practitioner.

As set out on their website, Chambers have been ranking the best lawyers for over 25 years, now across 185 jurisdictions, including Northern Ireland. Based on independent research, including interviews with clients and peers in the profession, they rank both individuals and lawyers: -

“Individual lawyers are ranked (in their practice-area(s)) on the basis of their legal knowledge and experience, their ability, their effectiveness, and their client-service.

Law-firm departments are ranked on the qualities of their lawyers as above. In addition, we consider the effectiveness and capability of the department as a whole - its strength and depth (An individual lawyer can be ranked while their law firm is not).”

The feedback given to researchers on McKinty and Wright this year included the following comments: -

On Lester Doake: "top-quality lawyer." "very respected in the field." "just inspires confidence."

On our Professional Negligence Team: "good at dealing with clients and very trustworthy."

On Sean McGahan: "brings a sophisticated and renowned approach to the key principles underpinning personal injury litigation."

On our Litigation Team: "They promote and support a team effort which invariably achieves the best outcome possible."

On Aisling Mellon: “sources appreciate her ability to ‘guard the interest of her clients and ensure all potential plaintiffs are placed on their proofs in any action.’”

On our Defendant Personal Injury team: “They are a helpful and knowledgeable firm who go out of the way to help you even if you do not have a large account with them."

On Kevin O’Hagan: “very thorough" and "keen to drive home our viewpoint and point out the failings in the other side's case."

To take a look at McKinty and Wright’s Chambers UK 2018 Rankings in full click here

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