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McKinty and Wright Motor Team secures dismissal of two claims in staged accident case

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A driver and passenger made personal injury claims as a result of a rear-end collision in 2016. Acting on behalf of the Defendant vehicle’s insurer,  our investigations uncovered a plethora of issues with the veracity of the accident circumstances.  At the conclusion of the cases, Judge Giplin described the Defendant’s evidence as “sufficient cogent evidence” leading him to conclude that the accident was “fraudulently staged”.  Orders were made against both Plaintiffs to pay the insurer’s costs.

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Orla McElroy
8 months ago by Orla McElroy
We secured the dismiss of a fraudulent claim at Newtownards County Court on 14/09/2018. The Plaintiff was involved in a low-speed impact in July 2016 as a result of which he claimed he had been unable to work since due to back pain.   We were able to introduce evidence of the very low speed of impact and evidence that the Plaintiff had actually hurt his back months before playing football. The Judge ruled he was not satisfied that the Plaintiff was credible (the Plaintiff could offer no explanation for why he told his medical expert, that he was “free from physical complaint prior to the subject accident”  and then admitted under cross-examination that he had sustained a back injury playing football a few months before the accident and had ongoing back pain at the time of the motor ...

Roisin Harper
11 months ago by Roisin Harper
“Where there’s muck, there’s brass” Before 25th May, a general expectation existed amongst data practitioners that we will see an increase in individuals making claims for compensation because of a data breach. The civil claims that hit the headlines as soon as GDPR came into effect, against companies such as Facebook and Google, involve arguments around data processing for targeted advertising – how can consent be freely given if there is no alternative but to agree to data being used for targeted advertising to use a particular app etc? Regulators across Europe including the UK’s ICO are reporting increases in reported data breaches and complaints. [i] What we have yet to see is an updated Judgment in this ...