Legal Services for Insurers, Claims Teams and TPAs

We represent global insurers, market-leading retailers, motor insurers and professional indemnity insurers covering the legal, financial, construction and medical sectors.

Central to our continuing partnership with all of our clients is a commitment to align what we do to their business objectives. We understand the context in which we provide legal services; that our clients are accountable to their customers and stakeholders and the priority must be to manage litigation, financial and reputational risk. Our solicitors are uniquely placed to provide:-

  • Specialist legal advice setting out a tailored, strategic approach in each case
  • Pre-proceedings investigation and reporting
  • A commercial focus with a view to controlling costs and preserving business relationships
  • Partner led teams with a wealth of experience and proven track record
  • The ability to resolve matters through alternative dispute resolution
  • A client experience based on direct communication and a commitment to service excellence.

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